The Mercer University Seal

The Mercer University SealThis is the University's official identifying mark. Only the Mercer University Board of Trustees and the Office of the President may authorize its use.

Documents displaying the University seal convey that they are officially sanctioned by the Trustees or Office of the President. As the official indicia of the University, the University seal may not be altered in any way. It is available for approved usage through the Office of Marketing Communications.

It is not to be used on departmental stationery, interior signage or advertising except as authorized by the Board of Trustees or the Office of the President. The University seal may not be used on vehicles.

Exceptions to use of seal include jewelry, high-end commemorative gift items, and official academic or University related materials such as certificates, diplomas and select graduation-related items, including announcements and diploma frames. Exceptions must be approved through the Office of Marketing Communications.