The University Graphic Standards Program is intended to encourage the consistent and coordinated use of the Mercer name and visual identity elements. For departments and organizations that have their own visual identities, co-branding this mark with the Mercer University wordmark is recommended.

Co-branding effectively means, “sharing the brand,” and it can benefit all parties involved. The co-branded department or organization benefits by being associated with the Mercer University brand and the goodwill attached to it. The University benefits by being associated with the activities of departments and organizations that further the University’s stated mission and objectives.

For University-affiliated departments and organizations, visual co-branding may be accomplished through the following configurations:

  • The official University wordmark, beneath which appears the name of the administrative or academic department name in a complementary typeface.
  • One or more of the official athletic or "spirit" marks, accompanied by the name of the University sanctioned organization name.
  • In brochures, newsletters and other printed materials, the University wordmark should appear on the outside cover to include (but not limited to) the mailing panel. The wordmark should be used in any University advertisement.
  • On Web pages, the University wordmark should be part of any template for any Mercer administrative or academic Web address, and the Mercer athletic logo or MU should be part of any template for any Mercer athletic web address.

Co-branding configurations must be approved in advance of publication by the University’s Office of Marketing Communications.

Please E-mail Steve Mosley with your requests or questions regarding usage of the marks.