Athletic Department Guidelines

Mercer University athletics identity elements — or “spirit” marks — are for use by the University’s Athletics Department and University sanctioned sports, spirit and student organizations. Mercer University’s athletics spirit marks include the Block M logo, the Mercer spirit wordmarks, the interlocking MU, and the bear head.

The Mercer spirit marks are the preferred identity marks for Mercer Athletics. All official athletics materials of any kind must have at least one of the preferred marks.The interlocking MU, Block M logo and Bear head may be used as secondary marks in addition to a preferred mark. Mercer orange and black are the official University colors. The Mercer neutral color may also be used as a secondary accent color.

While the spirit marks may be sized appropriately for the specific use, the proportions of their individual elements must not be altered. They must be displayed in designated official colors — either black and white or Mercer orange and black. It must be reproduced from the official artwork available through the Office of Marketing Communications.

Please e-mail Steve Mosley with your requests or questions regarding usage of the marks.

Athletics Marks